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Clow Valve and Hydrant

CLOW Medallion Hydrant

The Industry's Most Advanced Fire Hydrant ...

The Medallion Designed and built to provide unsurpassed fire protection, the Clow Medallion is clearly a step in front Utilizing computer developed data, Clow engineers painstakingly sculpted interior surfaces to provide the smoothest possible waterway, resulting in the lowest possible loss of head through the hydrant. The result? More water to the nozzles faster. With the Clow Medallion, it's performance that counts.

While providing fire protection is a hydrant's primary function, ease of maintenance and repair are valid concers of maintenance crews. Extraordinarysteps were taken to ensure that the Clow Medallion can be routinely serviced and repaired easily. All working parts are readily accessible from the top of the hydrant.

Medallion Hydrant Parts List

The Medallion equals or exceeds the requirements of the American Water Works Association (AWWA). Also it has been listed by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and is approved by Factory Mutual (FM). Structurally and operationally this is clearly a superior Fire Hydrant. It's easy to see why it carries a full 10-year limited warranty on materials and workmanship.

The Medallion
Det.   Qty.   Description   Material
M-1   1   Operating Nut O-Ring   NBR
M-2   2   Operating Nut Thrust Bearings   Delrin
M-3   1   Operating Nut   Bronze
M-4   1   Operating Jam Nut (Option)   Zinc Plated Steel
M-5   1   Upper Stem Sleeve   Bronze
M-6   2   Upper Stem Sleeve O-Ring   NBR
M-7   1   Upper Stem   CRS
M-8   1   Upper Stem Pin   Stainless Steel
M-9   2   Safety Coupling Cotter Pins   Stainless Steel
M-10   1   Safety Stem Coupling   Steel Tubing
M-11   2   Safety Coupling Pins   Stainless Steel
M-12   1   Lower Stem   CRS
M-13   1   Lower Stem Pin   Stainless Steel
M-15   4   Drain Valve Facing Pins   Stainless Steel
M-16   2   Drain Valve Facing   Rubber
M-17   1   Upper Valve Plate   Bronze
M-18   1   Seat Ring Upper O-Ring   NBR
M-19   1   Seat Ring   Bronze
M-20   1   Seat Ring Lower O-Ring   NBR
M-21   1   Main Valve Rubber   Rubber
M-22   1   Lower Valve Plate Lockwasher   Stainless Steel
M-24   1   Lower Valve Plate   Bronze or Cast Iron
M-25   1   Weather Cap Hold Down Screw   Zinc Plated Steel
M-26   1   Weather Cap   Cast Iron
M-27   1   Thrust Nut   Bronze
M-28   1   Thrust Nut O-Ring   NBR
M-29   4   Bonnet Bolts & Nuts   Zinc Plated Steel
M-30   1   Bonnet   Cast Iron
M-31   2   Stem O-Rings   NBR
M-32   1   Bonnet O-Ring   NBR
M-33   1   Nozzle Section   Cast Iron
M-34   1   Pumper Nozzle Lock   Stainless Steel
M-35   1   Pumper Nozzle O-Ring   NBR
M-36   1   Pumper Nozzle   Bronze
M-37   1   Pumper Nozzle Gasket   Rubber
M-38   1   Pumper Nozzle Cap   Cast Iron
M-39   2   Hose Nozzle Lock   Stainless Steel
M-40   2   Hose Nozzle O-Ring   NBR
M-41   2   Hose Nozzle   Bronze
M-42   2   Hose Nozzle Gasket   Rubber
M-43   2   Hose Nozzle Cap   Cast Iron
M-44   1   Chain   Zinc Plated Steel
M-46   8   Safety Flange Bolts & Nuts   Zinc Plated Steel
M-47   1   Safety Flange O-Ring   NBR
M-48   1   Barrel Upper Flange   Ductile Iron
M-49   2   Safety Flange   Ductile Iron
M-50   1   Barrel   Ductile Iron Pipe
M-51   8   Shoe Bolts & Nuts   Zinc Plated Steel
M-52   1   Barrel Lower Flange   Ductile Iron
M-53   2   Drain Ring O-Rings   NBR
M-54   1   Drain Ring   Bronze
M-57   1   Shoe   Ductile Iron
M-58   1   Thrust Nut Screw   Stainless Steel

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